Operating a Family Business: Five Businesses You Can Help Your Child Start

26 June 2015
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Your kid wants a bit of extra cash but isn't old enough to have his or her own job, and you could use some extra spending money as well. If this sentiment describes your situation, you should consider helping your child start a small family business.

Operating a family business gives you the chance to spend time together, learn a few new things and hopefully turn a profit. Here are five businesses you can easily help your child start.

1. Scrap Metal Collector

Collecting scrap metal is especially fun for someone who likes the hunt of "shopping". In order to operate your family business, you and your child simply watch online ads for appearances of free metal-based items. Old bike frames, broken grills, trampoline frames, old hardware and a range of other items are perfect to collect.

Once you see the ads, collect the items together and take them to a scrap dealer. If you cannot find ads for metal items, you can look for aluminum cans and other recyclables in public garbage cans.

2. Repurposed Furniture Maker

You can easily combine making furniture out of repurposed goods with your scrap metal collecting hobby. If you see any trash that has promise, take it home, and repurpose it. For example, take an old chest of drawers and turn it into a chicken coop, or take an old door and turn it into a table.

3. Crafter/Artist

Just as you can repurpose old items with your kid and sell them, you can also make a range of other crafts for your family business. Let your kids' passions guide you, and work together making soap, paintings, gourmet sausages or any other handmade items. Then, sell those items at an online store or a farmer's market.

4. Lawn Service Provider

If your kid prefers to be outside rather than inside crafting, consider starting a lawn service. Your child can mow the lawns, but you can use the strimmer on the edges and make sure your child is safe with the lawn equipment.

5. Childminder

Many kids who are ten to twelve love babies but aren't really mature enough to handle them on their own. If your child is in this age range, consider operating a family business by creating a babysitting service with them.

You can open a full scale daycare at your home, or you can provide the transport and the guidance while you help your kid babysit at someone else's house.

Whether you and your child decide to sell scrap metal, make crafts or watch babies, you are likely to make some extra cash while operating your family business, and depending on your situation, you can either split it or let your child keep it all. You may want to consult with a family business expert from a company like Control Your Business to learn about how to report earnings, whether or not your child needs to pay taxes and other issues related to the business side of running a family business.